Been Busy

I’ve been busy, so you’ve been ignored.

Over this weekend i have… 

written up the pattern for the Shell Mist Cowl and saved it in a PDF and am pretty proud. But then when you try to put it on ravelry it wants a PDF link. I have no idea how to do this. I even did a little look about on the interwebs but found no help. This has stalled me. It’s like proof to me that my normal procrastination is just how things are supposed to be because when i try to do things i hit a wall.

Here is what else I did this weekend…


I love this book, I got it for my birthday last year and I am very ashamed to say this is the first pattern I’ve knit from it. I am in love with the Friday Harbour socks and think they look great in the natural dye studio yarn I got ages ago. I had actually knit a full plain sock with the yarn but pulled the whole thing out because it’s too nice a yarn to do with a plain pattern (and also it was doing this weird not stripey thing i didn’t like) but it’s much better now. 

I’m nearly at the end of the second sock. I’ve made them quite short and was sad to see that whoever wears these must have massive feet because I did the correct amount of foot repeats and had to cut out the little end diamond chart because i don’t have mammoth feet. sad.

In the picture you see my good foot. my other foot still hurts so that I will only put a sock on it if I really feel i need it.

This leads me onto my next point. I’m going back to work tomorrow even though I have a sick note (a fit note that has been signed saying I am not fit to return to work) and it’s overtime. This isn’t even my shift but I have been so very pressured to go in that I don’t really feel like I have a choice. This makes me sad. It’s a very on your feet job and I have been promised a stool behind the counter and a sitting all day job but I don’t trust them to follow through on that. I’m basically dreading it 😦 I thought having a sick note meant you didn’t have to have an argument with your boss about being fit to work. 

But there was some good news that came today…


This is a picture of Socks, she is coming to us on friday. I am very very happy. 

I’ve been badgering Chris for a kitten for a while now and he keeps pointing out to me that we really aren’t home enough to have a kitten. He was pretty against another cat until today when his dad told him that a mate had to part with their beloved 6-8year old cat socks and would we be interested. 

Chris came home with this picture and a big smile and I rang the guy straight away. And all this about socks has reminded me that I haven’t posted a picture of Mimi yet.

Mimi is our rescue torti we got in January and the first cat I have ever owned. We were always dog people at my parents house. But since me and Chris bought the flat we don’t have a garden and cats were the only pet avenue we could go down (apart from the 2 hamsters and the fish). In January I found that I have major cat love.

I will leave the picture of Mimi for the next post because in most of the ones i have she is all squinty and also I’ve got a busy week (what with all the overtime i’ve been pushed into doing) so there might be little knitting content.

Also, just so it’s there on the interwebs… IT’S MY BIRTHDAY ON WEDNESDAY AND I’M VERY EXCITED! 

It’s my 22nd birthday and you’d think I would have grown out of the whole being excited thing but, I have a envelope and a pressie sitting on the table already and in my job state (I work saturdays and sometimes get overtime) money is a bit tight. I’m not really complaining because at 22 round here it’s pretty good to be a home owner with your man but I am on the lookout for a full time job because it does suck not being able to pay your share.

Anyyywayyy this all leads to me having pretty much no money. for example, I now have to wear my ugg boots or my work shoes everywhere because my pumps have worn through. And last month I had a choice between new socks and yarn and i chose yarn. So right now the prospect of new things is pretty exciting. I’m hoping for socks.


Shell Mist

So there’s been no blog last couple of days. This is because I am a lazy arse.

Today I decided to get off my lazy arse (figuratively, my foot still hurts so not literally) and blog about the finished cowl.

I forced my lovely friend Jade into it on Wednesday and got some pictures took.


We took lots of pics


I’m a bit of a chunker at the minute and Jade insisted that I needed a pic with my cowl, which i have named Shell Mist for the shell lace in it and the slight haze (not fuzz just a little haze) over the surface of the yarn.

I said yes but the pictures were not good, so I took some outside


It’s made from Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace and is the first adult pattern I have written (I know cowls are simple, I didn’t have much courage).

And I am now writing it up, wish me luck!


Sunday morning saw the cast on for a massive cowl. And I mean massive. It’s the first adult pattern that I’ve designed, and I know cowls are pretty simple, but I’m ok with that. 

The first thing that struck me was how pretty Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace is when half a ball is gone


Then i felt the crush of wanting to finish the all knit middle so I could block and write it up


It doesn’t look like much, but 2 days of it all day with my foot up and not leaving the flat made me want to strangle myself with it.


But now it’s finished and i’m going to bed. Tomorrow? Blocking x

A little catch up

So Saturday was pretty cool, and there was knitting. 

I wasn’t at work because of my sprained foot. This is pretty essential because I work in a shop on Saturday and am pretty busy and on my feet all day.

I spent the day with Chris just chilling and then about 3 we went over to Dom’s where he was hosting a little gathering with his gal Jade.

There were two football games and in the gap between the two the men went out to look at how to make fire. Last year Dom had a big metal dish thing that they made fire in. Last year Dom’s lawn was destroyed. This year the big dish thing had disappeared. I think this was a plan by Dom’s dad to save his grass this year. However this did not stop the men (boys) from making a new place for fire.

Dom’s friend Louis had come along in his van which houses all his tools. Out came an old computer desk from the garage, Louis’ angle grinder and drill, and a whole lot of worry from me and hampy.


they took the top and sides of the desk off, turned it upside down and attached the pieces they had taken off the top to make a back and sides. 

Then they went back to watching the second game of football but me and Jade and her friends, Helena, John and Sarah were bored. We played Mexican Train and I also knit.


That’s Jade with the thumbs up, she’s cool, but she don’t knit (so can’t be that cool :P) It was a low photo because I wanted to show that my train wasn’t always on. That is also my long sock on the go.

I also met her friend Sarah, who told me she knits! I was super excited and started asking questions about what sort of thing and what fibers she likes and what blog she reads. Then her face went blank and it was me that started to look the weirdo. Sarah is a sometimes and basics knitter, there is nothing wrong with that but that is definitely not my sort of knitting. 

Then the football was over and the men made the fire and the weird contraption worked! There was no burnt grass!


Then the sock was finished! Thats some hardcore knitting guys, less than 24 hours on a knee high sock! Its made from striping two skeins that i got from IKnitLondon last October. Both skeins were half knit into socks that i didn’t have much love for so i ripped them out and put them together in knee highs. It fits perfect round my chunker leg and I can’t wait to have a pair. However, I haven’t cast on for the second yet because I am designing a cowl which I have much love for and is pretty simple so my plain knit fix is being all used up through that right now. 

When the first sock was finished I couldn’t do the toe up cast on in the dark (it was also gone midnight) so i pulled on my new fingerless mitts and ate MnM’s…


We got home and I blogged. I didn’t realise until today that the picture of my beloved (the bike I am lusting after but can nowhere near afford) didn’t work. Which meant that trying to make the blog non-pictureless was pointless anyway. 

Because I’ve gone on about it I am going to show you the Raleigh Elegance anyway. I need to prove that I’m not crazy and this bike really is the beans.


I got some major bike love.


was another chill out day where not much was done and two games of football were watched. I knit the cowl (but i will save pictures of it for the next post as i don’t want to show you a pic now and then a boring progress pic tomorrow) and there will be more cowl knit today.

England are playing France today but the kick off is before Chris gets home from work so he’s recording it. I don’t think i’m going to miss a single game. Joy!

So rounding off yesterday, there was food. The other weekend Chris looked after his parents two cats and dog while the rest of his lot went to Alton Towers. We only live round the corner so it wasn’t a hardship but they bought us a thankyou gift anyway.

Half was a little roasting pan/ dish thingy…


That’s Chris’ favourite dish (and one of the three he makes).

But my favorite part of the pressie were the diddy ramekins…


I made dark chocolate mousse. Yummy!

And that brings me to today, which i will tell you about tomorrow as it will be much like today.

Sorry about the minor knitting content, I promise there’ll be more tomorrow, because it’s all I’ve done!

Sleep tight

I just wrote a post and then accidently deleted it. gutted. I started at 1.24AM. It’s now 1.32 AM.

We just got back from Dom’s houseparty. There was football, fifa, pizza, fire, mexican train and my first ever game of Yahtzee (we actually played 2 games in which i got Yahtzee three times!).

I have pictures, and a completed almost-to-the-knee-high sock. But I forgot to take my SD card out of my puter and put it in the camera so the ones i took are saved on the internal memory and i will have to find the camera wire to get them. That can most definitely wait until tomorrow.

The cat just puked on Chris’ leg. Did i mention i have a cat? 

Well I’m off to bed, I promise a better post tomorrow. But for now, because i cannot stand to do a post without a pic I will leave you with a picture of my current hearts desire…


It is a Raleigh Elegance, and I am in LOVE.

I’m ahankering after it for my birthday which is on the 20th. Unfortunately it is a little bit out of gift price range, especially for an unspecial birthday (i’ll be 22). I’m thinking if i save hard enough i’ll be able to have it next summer, which sort of sucks because my current bike is one i’ve had since i was 16 and way to small for me now which means no bike this summer 😦

Anyway. It’s 1.40AM and i am going to bed, nighty night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Ps. My first blog was much better.

The beginning of something else

I forgot.

Today is also the beginning of the euros. This is my life until 1st July…


This is me working on some nice plain stripey toe up socks which i cast on this afternoon and still reading leeleetea. That past the computer? That’s Chris in front of the TV watching the second game of the euros so far. He got back from work too late to see all the first game but got most of the second half in.

He’s already spilt his tea on the carpet when he got a bit excited and tomorrow if we get a minute before we go over to a friends to watch more of the euros (i shall be knitting and chatting with the other ladys) we might have a look in Currys and see if they have any bigger TV’s so the euros can get on a bigger screen.

The next few weeks (which include my birthday) are going to be all about football. sucks arse.


Hello Internets! 

I’m Laura, this is my blog, this is a yarny knitting blog, all those with yarn love are welcome here!

So lets start with a little bit of smoosh about me! I’m Laura, I’ve been knitting from 4 or 5, basically as long as I could remember, and I can’t remember the last time I left the house without yarn and needles in my bag.

Home is Lowestoft, the most easterly point of England and has two yarn shops, both which i’m not impressed with, leading me to travel 12 miles to Bungay’s Knit and Yarn (best yarn shop i’ve ever been to) for my fiber fixes. 

I am also thinking that it’s about time I start writing my own patterns, and putting them on Ravelry. But first I was told to start a blog. I’m OK with that, I’ve just finished my degree in Creative Writing, you’d think this would be natural to me.

But no. I am a blog failure. There has been many blogs, maybe four or five, they get started, I am all with the enthusiasm and regular blogging, then a few weeks go by, I haven’t done that much to get the blog out there and the lack of comments makes me grumpy. Immediate blog failure. 

So here we are again, blog beginnings. I would say it’ll all be different this time. I would say I’ll try really hard to make it better than ever, and to keep going. But I’m not gonna lie, instead I’m going to treat. For every month that I get through blogging at least three times a week, every week, I get a treat. Childish i know, but bribing myself is the only way I can get my lazy bum going!

It can be any treat, as long as it is something I don’t need, and yarn related. Treat day has to also coincide with pay day, otherwise I’ll be sitting around feeling guilty for spending when I’m running low. 

I’m also going to try and put pictures in the posts.

First one coming up…



So your first real insight into my life is my excruciatingly messy living room. 


Let me explain. Last Saturday we went out and I was designated driver and therefore non-drinker. This is what made it really funny when I fell off my seven inch platform heels and hurt my ankle. Now it’s Friday and it still hurts just as bad and i’m walking wonky because it’s so painful, I went to Beccles Minor injuries who told me I needed an X-ray. I waited till the morning to go to A&E because i didn’t want a really long wait, they told me I had a very bad sprain and needed a few weeks of it. Well thats all well and good, and as a knitter, pretty much heaven. But in my family sprains aren’t real injuries. If it hasn’t got a cast on it, then it’s not that bad. 

Right now I’m not in agreement with that, I have a foot up on my yarn covered coffee table and the weekend of work. But that’s it, I have to be back at work next weekend because I only get one week off without a doctors note, and I can’t afford it.

Chris (the fella of 4.5 years) started a new job on wednesday after the jubilee weekend, so on tuesday after we had spent the day painting our first feature wall there was a celebratory ready meal and I didn’t pick up all the ironing. With the foot thing and the time up the medical centre and hospital I haven’t got round to tidying. 

On the bright side, yesterday produced these…


Horrible quality pic with horrible lighting against my gorgeous brand spanking new feature wall taken by Chris who hates taking pics for me and i truly believe his lack of enthusiasm makes for cruddy picture quality. 

Today sees me on the couch, pretty much the same picture as yesterday. And half way through another pair of fingerless mitts. But then I realized the two colours I was using for the stripes were uglyuglyugly and i ripped them out. 

I have a pair of plain socks with me but they’re not interesting enough for notdoingmuchelse knitting. 

So I’m going for a stash dive. Then it’s back on the couch with the laptop.

While I might not be a good blog writer, I am a major blog reader. I am also one of those stalkery people that when they find a blog they like go all the way back in the archives and read it ALL.

Yarn Harlot is my go to blog, and there are a range of others which i visit but don’t comment on (which is bad and I should do something about) but right now i’m surfing through the leeleetea archives and loving it! 

I don’t know how to link yet but if i did i would definitely link to them there blogs.

Ok well I could keep typing forever, what with all this first blog enthusiasm but I’m gonna stop, because if your reading this and have got this far then you are a hero and I won’t bore you any longer. 

ToodlePip yarny internets!